What do we learn from the Coronavirus outbreak?

We are facing the most dangerous outbreak situation right now. The confirmed coronavirus cases are increasing day by day across the globe. The World health organization releases the recent updates and 784.440 cases are active right now. The death toll rises to 37,781 as of now and these data may change on a daily basis. It is not to get panic and worried; the spread of COVID -19 viruses can be controlled  
When we have a look at the total corona cases in India, the number of infected reach up to 1368 as of March 31 
Let us face it together and learn how to get rid of the pandemic crisis. As the nation is under complete breakdown, the normal life is widely affected. We could find panic faces struggling between life and death
This situation will change if we care our health and prevent exposing our self to infected locations. Stay updated to know the latest news updates. It's time to follow the strict guidelines of government and health organizations. Read more on Pulmonologist in Chennai

COVID -19-
The deadly virus is spread from Wuhan, China. A mysterious illness was reported and the people infected showed symptoms of fever, cough, cold, breathing difficulties, diarrhea, tiredness and a dry cough that lasts for weeks
Scientists are still under research to find the medicine to treat this virus as the origin is not yet determined. We cannot completely ignore the chance of spread from wild animals as the recent studies report Pangolin and bats as the suspect. It’s always good to prevent the disease rather than treating it, once infected  

Do you have any of these symptoms?

Do not worry. Not all the cold and fever symptoms will end up showing the results as corona virus - positive 

How to fight against the deadly virus outbreak? 

Stay inside your residence during the breakdown and do not visit the affected location, the best remedy to stop the COVID – 19 spread
It’s the right time to care old age with an existing medical history of Asthma, Diabetics and Heart disease 
What are the preventive measures to treat the Noval corona Virus, COVID – 19? 
If you have a travel history across the most popular tourists spots, report to the concerned authorities and stay in isolation to check if you are infected
Once infected, the symptoms will emerge after the period of 14 to 20 days  

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