Olympics waters stinging athletes' eyes as officials try to go from green to blue

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Team USA men's water polo captain Tony Azevedo and Hungary's Gergo Zalanki have both complained of burning eyes and poor vision in the water since officials tried to address the color issue, as has Australia's Richie Campbell.
“I could barely open my eyes for the final quarter,” Azevedo said after his team beat France on Wednesday. “This is the Olympic Games and they are putting so much chlorine in the water that people can’t see. You can’t have that.”
“My eyes hurt from the water, it’s not good,” Zalanki also told reporters after his team drew 8-8 with Greece Wednesday. “It feels like they added more chlorine to the water, but I’m not sure. I’m used to it because we have a lot of water like this in Hungary, but I think there might be something else wrong too.”
The accounts sound somewhat contradictory to officials' insistence that “there’s absolutely no risk, no effect for athletes who will compete in the pool.”



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